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Cut The Pain Away
It calls my name
It hears my pain
Its draws me in
I can almost feel
The blood running down
My arm again
I know I shouldn't miss it
But I do
I miss the cold metal
Scraping against my skin
It's tempting
Very tempting
I would do it
But I'm missing one thing before I can
As soon as I get it
I'll cut this pain away
And try to hide what I've left behind
Each drop of blood
Takes away a tear
So I won't cry
I'll just cut the pain away
:iconthesummoned:TheSummoned 0 0
Should I Stop?
I have permission
To beat her up
As much as I want
As long as she doesn't end up
So how should I destroy her
Where should I start
When should I start
When should I stop
Should I stop?
:iconthesummoned:TheSummoned 0 0
New ID by TheSummoned New ID :iconthesummoned:TheSummoned 0 0
You Have Been Warned
I've heard what you've said
What you've been saying
I know
Don't think I don't see through your lies
You've been warned
If you lie to me again
Or say something bad
I will be there
Right behind you
To turn out your lights
I'll send you to a world
Of apathy after pain
So my suggestion
Hear my warning
For you have been warned
:iconthesummoned:TheSummoned 2 0
Learn to Stand Alone
I'm left all alone
To stand by myself
Betrayed by friends at least I thought they were
I can't tell anymore
So I just won't trust anyone
I'll probably trust again maybe even fall in love
But for now I know
That I'm alone
And I need to learn
How to stand alone
:iconthesummoned:TheSummoned 0 0
Dying without you
It you asked me if I was alright
I would have answered yes
But the answer would be no
The answer is the same
Just the lie is gone
What's the use in lying to everyone
Including yourself
So my final answer is no
I'm not alright
I'm broken
Desperately in need of fixing
I started keeping track
Of how many times I think or say
That I hate it here and realized
As my hands filled with tally marks
That I need to leave this place
I would miss my friends that true, but
I've left something friends can't replace
A family
I've left my twin, my sister, and my brother
And many great friends
I never knew how great I had it until it was gone
I miss you so much that Tally couldn't even keep track
I wish to go back
But sadly I know I can't
So what do I do
For I am dying without you
:iconthesummoned:TheSummoned 0 0
Don't Overlook it
The thing we need most
Is gone when we need it most
Overlooked and overpowered
By our emotions
We want it so badly
That we don't' know we already have it
At times we want a friend
But during those times we realize who are real friends are
:iconthesummoned:TheSummoned 0 0
I miss you
Its ok to wait for someone
Buts not ok to wait without a smile
That's what I'm doing now
Cause I'm scared to be alone
I'm scared to be without you
I want you to be with me at the times that your not
But i end up forgetting the times
You've been there for me
But when your not with me I miss you
:iconthesummoned:TheSummoned 1 0
Save Yourself
You confuse me so much
My emotions are tangled
Like the necklace i wear
You can't even wear yours because its too tangeld
I would help you but you don't want my help
So i can't do anything for you
Until you save yourself
If you can't even save yourself then who can you save
No one
Its the truth
Until you save yourself
I can't save you
:iconthesummoned:TheSummoned 1 0
I'll be there
in a world where no ones watching
in a world where no one cares
I'll be there
:iconthesummoned:TheSummoned 0 0
Waiting out the pain
I miss you
I want to text you
but you say I text to much
I want to call you
but I'm with you too much
I know I need to give you some space
but i don't want to let you go
not even for a second
since I got you yesterday
I want to be with you all the time
but i know i can't and that i shouldn't
so i have to wait out the pain until you call me again
:iconthesummoned:TheSummoned 0 0
You'll be here soon
waiting for you all alone
in a crowd full of new faces
its scary but its worth it
because once I see your face
the fear is lifted
and that's what keeps me here
just knowing that your near
it gives me strength to stand alone
in a crowd full of people
of faces I don't know
of people I've never seen
and it's ok
cause you'll be here soon
:iconthesummoned:TheSummoned 0 0


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